Show Us What You've Got

Show Us What You've Got

Come by our gaming arcade in Amarillo, TX for the experience of a lifetime

We understand that everybody has different gaming preferences. It doesn't matter if you prefer dunking over your opponents in NBA 2K or no-scoping your competition in Call of Duty, The Vault Legacy offers a wide selection of consoles and games for you to enjoy.

Our gaming arcade in Amarillo, TX is complete with...

  • 42 PCs
  • 9 Xbox consoles
  • 3 PlayStation consoles
  • 8 Nintendo Switch consoles
  • 2 streaming stations

Whether you keep coming back to play your favorite game or you want to try something new, we look forward to seeing you at our gaming arcade.

Become part of our family when you visit us today.

Providing a fun and inviting gaming experience that you'll never forget

The Vault Legacy has worked hard to create an environment that encourages friendly competition and team building. Here's everything you need to know about our Esports arcade in Amarillo, TX:

  • Each guest gets a custom username that's attached to their account
  • We have two emulators with over 23,900 games to choose from
  • We offer standard, elite, legacy and birthday packages
  • We charge $7.50 per hour or $20 for three hours
  • We host a wide variety of Esports tournaments

If you have any questions about our Esports arcade, we'll be happy to hear from you. Call 806-318-3006 now to speak with a team member.