We Can Help You Hit the Books

We Can Help You Hit the Books

Spend some time in our study room in Amarillo, TX

Are you looking for a new place to study for upcoming exams? The Vault Legacy has you covered. We have study rooms available at our space in Amarillo, TX. For $200, you can take advantage of our gaming and study package which includes access to a PC and Wi-Fi. We also offer a $50 package with access to an RPC, or Remote Procedure Call system, so you can log into another PC with the software you need for your studies.

We offer a great space for students in the area to focus on their studies. Call 806-318-3006 now to learn more about our study rooms.

Consider a new study space

If you're struggling to be productive during study time, we can help. Our space is perfect if:

  • You're looking for a quiet area where you can concentrate
  • You need access to technology to get your work done
  • You're tired of your current study space and want to switch things up
Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes to make studying easier. Reach out to us now to book our study room.